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About TV From Home

Expat TV From Home offer's Expats living & working in their new Home, the best possible choice of Television and Radio Channels & Stations from their original Home Country. From whatever Country your from, we have all the TV Channels & Radio Stations that will keep you in contact with back Home.


Expat TV allows you to " Pick & Mix " meaning that we can offer you a mix of different Countries TV & Radio, including your local channels as well. 

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 What Can You Watch ?

 TV Channels to suit

 all the Family !


  • Entertainment TV
  • News TV
  • Sport TV
  • Lifestyle TV
  • Special Interest
  • Children's TV
  • Movies Film TV
  • Music TV
  • Shopping Channels
  • Radio Channels
  • Regional TV Regions
  • BBC Red Button TV
  • Adult Theme ( With Parent Lock Option )



How does it work ?


Expat TV is so easy to get set up !


  • You either Email or Telephone us, telling us what kind of channels you would like to receive in your Home


  • Tell us the Language or Languages you would prefer to watch & listen to


  • Including if possible some of the channels that you & your Family love to watch


  • If possible give us your telephone number, so we can phone you back to answer all your questions in detail


  • You will receive via email a full detailed price quote



  • We cover most area's of Holland including :


  • Amsterdam
  • Den Haag
  • Rotterdam
  • Eindhoven
  • Maastricht
  • Breda
  • Tilburg
  • Utrecht


  • Please email us for more details about our TV & Radio services
























In Holland get connected to the best in Television & Radio from England


Freeview, Freesat, Sky + HD


Fantastic TV in High Definition


Total freedom to watch what you want to watch.


Email us for more details :


Free To Air Digital TV ( known in the UK as Freesat or Freeview )  is broadcast via satellite across Europe. Many people ask is it legal ? The simple answer is yes ! It's broadcast Free To Air meaning that with a correctly installed small satellite dish antenna and digital satellite receiver that connects to your television via the scart or HDMI socket your able to watch over 250 TV stations that broadcast the best of British HD TV with over 80 English Radio stations as well.


What channels can I watch on Freesat ?


It's just like watching TV in England ! Watch all the BBC channels : BBC 1 HD  BBC 2 BBC Three BBC Four  BBC News With children's channels Cbeebies & CBBC. All the ITV channels : ITV 1 HD  ITV2 ITV3 ITV4 including CITV for the kid's. Talking about Kid's TV you can also watch POP KIX POP Girl as well as Music TV channels Bubble Hits Chart TV Bliss Rock TV Brit Hits. Channel Five as well as Channel Four More 4 E 4 and Film 4 with all the latest movies. Film 24 True Movies 1 True Movies 2 Movies 4 Men 1 Movies 4 Men 2 Simply Movies Zone Horror Zone Thriller, you will always have a good movie to watch.


New for 2012 are the best American TV show's from CBS Action & CBS Dream and 24 Hour cooking TV show's with The Food Network. 

Catch the latest news with Sky News BBC News 24 Russia Today France 24 Bloomberg CNN Al-Jazeera News CNBC EuroNews. See the World with Travel Channel Wine TV Wedding TV Zone Reality Fashion TV.


There ae over 260 Television channels including all the different regions of BBC & ITV, so your able to watch your local news whenever you wish to stay in touch with home. Tune into Freesat Digital Radio in fantastic quality, over 80 Radio Stations including BBC Radio Four both FM & Long wave, so you can choose to listen to the cricket if you wish ! BBC Radio's 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 as well as BBC Radio's Ulster Wales Scotland London. Many Commericial Radio's : Capital FM Classic FM Kiss FM LBC Virgin Heart BFBS.



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  • Expat Satellite TV Services


Expat TV offers not only tailor made digital satellite tv systems, that allow you to watch the TV channels and Radio stations from your Home Country, right here in your new Home. We also provide our professional installtion service for Expats that are moving into their new Home along with their old satellite system, and thus require it re installed & set up.


Whatever your requirments, you can be sure that Expat TV will provide you with the best possible solutions :


Telephone : 00 32 485 38 74 02


Email :


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  • " Pick & Mix " Your TV & Radio


Expat TV offer the TV & Radio from your original Home Country :


 Any Channel From Any Country :



  • England
  • America
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Holland
  • Poland
  • Africa
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Austria



  • Your Country not on this list ?


Simply Email us to get details on the TV & Radio Channels we can supply from your Home Country :


Email :



  • Expat Relocation Services


At last, your life is made easy !

Looking for a Plumber ? Gardener ? Electrician ? Just moved in and need your lamps / lighting installed ? Your furniture put together ? Visit our Sister Company

Expat in Belgium to find out about our

Expat Relocation Services.


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  • Stonemanor The English Supermarket in Belgium


Belgium's Largest British Supermarket with more than 18000 different British products.


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  • How to Contact Expat TV ?


Whatever your requirments, you can be sure that Expat TV will provide you with the best possible solutions.


Our Sales Team offer friendly advice and will always do their best to answer all your questions in detail.


We also offer in some area's a FREE

" Home Sat Check Visit " to check if you can receive the satellite signal correctly and of course answer all your questions so we can make you a detailed price quote.


Expat TV From Home belive in fast professional service which is why we have become many Expat's first choice for qulaity & value for all your satellite TV & Radio requirements.


Telephone us :  00 32 485 38 74 02


From all other Countries please telephone : 00 32 485 38 74 02


Email :

















Satellite Television & Radio Services For Expats in Holland

Telephone or SMS us and we will call your right back : 00 32 485 38 74 02

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